Your Quality of Life is top priority.

I am always the first person to preach the importance of quality of life. It’s one thing to work 16 hours days but when your health in compromised in exchange, is it worth it? I am also ashamed to admit I too have let other responsibilities get in the way of my workout schedule. It sounds crazy but if all fitness professional were honest, we all have had our moments of slipping from time to time. So there you have my full confession. From that confession, I have decided my mantra will be “My Quality of Life is Top Priority.

Think about it for a minute: If I am not healthy, I cannot function effectively for my family, my employer or myself. I have to get back to deciding that my workout schedule always comes first. Now of course, I cannot do what I did about 15 years ago which consisted of spending 3-4 hours in a the gym per day. I do miss those days, no lie. But what I can do is manage my time better to stay consistent. For me that means:

  • Going to bed at a decent hour to maximize 8 hours of sleep (I feel good with 8 as 6 hours makes me feel fatigued all day long.)
  • Starting my day with either cardio or yoga. My body responds better when I get an early morning workout by elevating my heart rate.
  • Lifting weights in the evening because strength training is just as important as cardio.
  • Taking the time during the workday to periodically get up from my desk to walk around the building or meditate. My employer is a little behind the times about offering meditation rooms, or yoga/spin/aerobic classes in the middle of day (I am still working on them.) We are not at Apple or Google company status but I believe with the resources we have, we can join the culture of having happier and more productive employees.
  • Always making sure my meals are prepared the night before. The most important thing for me is not eating a lot of processed food. Of course, if I am running late, there are times I grab things on the go that may not be the healthiest of choices. The key for me is not to make it a habit.

That’s my list. What are some of the things you can do to make your quality of life top priority? Write it down and together we can do it.