Why I believe one tracking method does not fit all.

Disclaimer: I am completely addicted to how many calories I burn a day and what my exercise heart rate is during activity.

I did a Google search on methods to track exercise. There are over 50,000 items. You can track online, using a device (Fitbits, Garmins, etc.), apps on your phone, accountability partners, good old pen and paper or any combinations thereof. The beauty of it all: you can track any way you want. You and only you knows what works for you. We all respond differently to certain foods in all their variations, the same is true in how we monitor what we are doing.

Never let a trainer tell you there is only one way to achieve your goals. There are no quick fixes so never believe the hype of gimmicks claiming you will lose 5 pounds in 1 day (safely).

The main goal is work hard, try to fall in love or like with what you are doing and then relax. You will reach your goals. I promise you!