Motivation Part 2: How you too are trending.

The internet went crazy after Kanye West debuted his new video, Fade, at this year’s Video Music Awards this past Sunday. Before you click away because you think this article is about Kanye, think again. No one was talking about Kanye’s song at all, like I cannot even remember the tune of the song or what is was about. The video featured Teyana Taylor in a gym dancing to the song. Just her. Dancing.

My timelines went bananas over her extremely toned body. She looked great. Many of my online friends posted how they were going to starve, detox, eat only fruits and vegetables, drink their meals (juicing or protein shakes), etc. This is not the time for me to get into what methods are best for weight loss in a healthy way. That’s another article. It is also not about trying to fit into one standard mode of health and fitness. That’s definitely another article. What’s amazing is how many people started to look at wanting to make a change in themselves.

But here is the my epiphany: my friends, family and online connects are already trending in this health and wellness game. Think about it for a minute. How many of you post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Periscope, some form of physical activity you are doing, just completed or will go to? How many times do you post, sharing with the world, your weight loss journey, successes and challenges? How many times do you post your excitement about eating something good for your body? I am going to make an assumption you at least do one wellness post per week. Some of us post more than others. Guess what?: You are trending. You too are motivating someone who wants to get healthy! Your strength and determination to keep at this lifestyle of good nutrition and fitness is AMAZING. You may not be on the cover of Runner’s World, Shape or Oxygen magazines but you are the main focus in the storyline of Happy and Healthy, Featuring  _(Fill In Your Name Here)_.

Keep up the great work!

Welcome to the New Site!

With the new year comes new changes. New Living Fit was in great need of a major make-over both online and in how the program is run. After having been inactive for some time and partnering with other fitness professionals, I am relaunching the NLF brand starting with the logo. Please make sure you follow this sight to keep up with all updates on where classes and seminars will be held.